2006 - march 25  ]

I didn't actually do anything to Love except find it buried in my computer. And the thing is, in the two years since I wrote it, I've traveled to Europe, Eastern Canada, and Ecuador, bought my own house and furnished it as I like it, and generally tried to live my life as I wanted to. So it rings true just as much now as it did then.

Although somewhere in my travels I did find my Prince Charming. And I can still travel, and buy furniture that I like and live my life the way that I want to. And while I couldn't replace him, I am still a whole person when he isn't around. So I guess you could say that I found "Love" twice. ;)

2006 - march 4  ]

I have no idea where the idea for the key to her heart came from. I can't even guarantee that it was started in December of 2003, although I suspect that that is the correct date, sad as it may be.

2005 - december 31  ]

My brother and I had a conversation similar to the one in last(ing) impressions during a meal out at The Keg one night. Yes, you might ask why two vegetarians were at The Keg, but it can be easily summarized by one statement: Not all my family subscribes to vegetarianism, some members are quite the meat eaters. And it was Father's Day or some similar event for which we go make do with what non-meat meals we can find so that the person of honor can have the meal he wants. Anyway, I thought the conversation funny given the location (and the fact that neither my brother or I usually have those kinds of conversations anywhere, nevermind in the middle of a restaurant with people trying to eat their food) and the story sprouted from there.

2004 - april 11  ]

Throughout my childhood, into high school, and through most of university, I never got sick. I probably averaged less than one cold a year, managed to avoid the flu when others were falling prey to it left, right and center, and rarely missed school due to sickness. Then the year after I graduated university it seemed to all catch up to me, as if it had just been saving itself all those years, gathering its strength for a full assault. It seemed like I was constantly sick with one thing or another - nothing major, just constant, more of an "annoyance". I started Hope and faith during one of those times.

2004 - april 11  ]

Through sleet and snow and stories. My CS teacher always greeted us with the same words at the beginning of each lecture. We always greeted him with silence.

2004 - march 12  ]

After almost a year and a half, it's a little hard to remember the roots of Perchance to Sleep. I can only guess that it might have been started during one of my own periods of restlessness.

2004 - january 23  ]

Nicola: The first story of 2004, although it was started in the early months of last year shortly after I had finished "Blackwood Farm" by Anne Rice book. There's just something about the way she portrays her vampires and witches that draws me in, so I guess I wrote this story with her visions in mind.

I "lost" this story three times during the course of writing it: once during "Blackout2003" in August when my computer battery "died" and I accidentally wiped out the parts of the story that had not been saved yet (about five paragraphs worth); once when I accidentally overwrote my story database, losing at least a few paragraphs; and once on my computer when I couldn't remember where I had stored it (so it wouldn't get overwritten again) or what I had called it.

2003 - december 2  ]

According to numerous naming sites smattered across the web, 'Penelope' means 'dreamweaver', and although I named the character before I found out the meaning of the name, I still think it fits nicely.

2003 - november 7  ]

The title of silence denotes consent comes from a saying we have at work by the same name. When we send documents out for comments, quite often there are several people who do not respond back within the allotted time, only to come back months later to say something is wrong. So we started saying "silence denotes consent" - if you don't respond, we will assume that it is correct.

We still don't get all the responses we need, but at least we don't get as frustrated by it.

To be honest, I can't remember when the story (if you can call it that, it's more of a random burst) was started. I had to reinstall my Palm software a few months ago and all the dates got lost. I'm pretty sure that I started it when I was living in my old apartment, and since I was only there a little longer than a year, I have at least a boundary to work within. So the start date is plus or minus six months or so.

2003 - may 7  ]

My ex-boyfriend used to comment on how he found my hair in the strangest places - I guess that's sort of where the idea for hair started.

In my defence, it has been scientifically proven that blondes actually have the most hair on their heads, so it would naturally follow that we would lose more hair than others.

So my shedding is absolutely normal ;)

2003 - may 7  ]

Honestly, I haven't touched the text in failure since it was penned almost three years ago. It was originally part of another story until that one took a one-hundred and eighty degree turn in tone and this was orphaned. But I liked the idea so I held onto it until I could work it into a story.

I think three years is long enough to hold onto something.

2003 - april 26  ]

I've been reflecting on relationships lately; it seems that every time I turn around, another one of my friends has gotten engaged or married. I suppose hopeless is somewhat of a reflection on my current view of relationships.

2003 - april 17  ]

I noticed that I rarely write dialog in my stories so commute was conceived as a vehicle to practice my "conversational" skills. It started as two strangers stuck on a train but, as usual, took a little turn part-way through.

2003 - february 18  ]

Green Eyes. It came as just a train-of-thought kind of thing, so it's a little rough. But you know how these things sometimes just have to get out.

2002 - december 29  ]

The concept for Strangers in the Night was actually not mine but that of my friend, although I had permission to flesh it out beyond what he gave me; hopefully I did his idea justice.

I happen to think it's not a bad tale. Maybe I should talk to him more often ;)

And I am still writing regularly. I'm just regularly starting stories and not so regularly finishing them.

2002 - november 27  ]

Four days. See, I'm doing good at the regular writing thing.

Romance is Dead has no background story to entice you.

2002 - november 23  ]

As you can see, I'm trying to get back into a regular writing routine. It was a little easier when I had a whole day I could set aside every week, but I'm trying my best to make regular updates. Dogs is the latest addition.

I'm also going to try to remember the roots of stories again. Not this time though.

2002 - november 17  ]

Expectations and otherwise.

2002 - november 17  ]

Some days I think that nothing is straightforward and everything is figured out using fuzzy logic.

2002 - november 10  ]

Sometimes writing is like the rush of a drug - when the words are spilling out faster than you can record them and your hands start to tingle. Or maybe it's just some kind of flashback. Spin Spin Sugar.

2002 - october 22  ]

One of my favourite poems from twelfth grade English class was one by Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night.

     Do not go gentle into that good night,
     Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
     Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

2002 - august 24  ]

Still having trouble sleeping: maybe.

2002 - july 27  ]

I couldn't sleep. Sometimes I want so badly to finish a story that I think it keeps me from actually completing the task at hand. Normally that task is the actual writing, but in this case I was writing to help me fall asleep. And here it is, 5 in the morning and I'm still awake. Go Home already.

2002 - july 27  ]

Tick. Tock. click.

2002 - july 22  ]

The don't know where the idea for Smooth came from. I'm sure when I started to write it I could have told you, but July (and June .. and May .. and April ... and ...) has been a very busy month and my mind is drawing a blank right now.

[ The idea of smoothness, on the other hand, came from notsosoft ]

2002 - july 5  ]

The idea for one more (hesitation) was hatched last summer, but most of the content was actually written in the last week or so.

Yeah, we went to Open Mike night every week. And yes, we were part of the group who heckled at the end of the night. All in good fun.

2002 - june 29  ]

The first line (and title for) sipping from a fire hydrant was actually a comment from a web seminar I hosted as a co-op student many moons ago. It seemed so bizarre at the time that it stuck in my head until now. Of course since comments were anonymous I had no way of knowing what on earth the person meant by it. Pity. I would have liked to have known what was going on in that person's mind.

2002 - june 23  ]

I didn't know writing a Maid of Honour speech was so hard until I tried to write mine for the wedding of my friends Carole and Lorne. When you want something to be *perfect*, you find out that is very hard to achieve without a lot of thinking and a little luck. And you find yourself still revising it two hours before the wedding.

2002 - june 12  ]

The roots of perfect score are found in a job I had a while ago - fun co-workers, not so fun job. As you can see, it's another story about kids.

I'm beginning to see somewhat of a pattern in the stories I write: kids - easy to write (I was one) and fun to write about, men - I have no idea what they think about/how they think so they tend not to play a strong role in most of the stories. Mayhaps this is something I'll work on in future writings.

2002 - april 2  ]

Heads is an amalgamation of two stories: one from April 2000, and the other from January of this year. The former involved a friend being a little too nosey for his own good, the latter was based on my own indecision about something.

2002 - april 2  ]

The idea for Animal Magnetism came from our cats at home fighting - not really fighting so much as one cat trying to play with the others and the other cats wanting nothing to do with her. Poor kitten.

2002 - march 22  ]

The Lima Beans go on Top

Yeah, I know it's a odd title. I think it might make sense once you read the story. Or at least I hope it will. Anyway, I think it's a fun little story.

2002 - march 13  ]

One night I sat down and Games we play just poured out of my head with no provocation. I guess maybe it was just time to get out there, I don't know.

Sometimes I wonder if I subconsciously play games with people. I try not to. For example, is lying a game? It might depend on who you talk to. Sometimes I think it isn't. Sometimes I think it is. Sometimes, I admit, I play that game.

As much as I value honesty above many things, I sometimes find myself ... fibbing ... in order to gain the time for my brain to think of how to vocalize something. Just little white lies. Not really a game so much as ... a diversion.

2002 - march 10  ]

Although the idea for Black and White was hatched only a month ago at most, I still don't remember where it came from. I suppose it came from a memory somewhere of apartment security cameras.

Maybe it's because I'm looking for an apartment right now and security is one of the things I've been thinking of. Who knows.

2002 - march 7  ]

Have I ever mentioned that writing is kind of very cathartic for me? No? Well, it is.

I wrote Sometimes to clear my head and get rid of that nagging feeling that is a result of too much time in my head. You know how it is.

2002 - february 28  ]

This is kind of a strange one: Life is but a Dream.

I started "writing" it as I was walking to work one morning, and in some ways it was vaguely influenced by a short story I read for my English class in the summer called "The Evening and the Morning and the Night" by Octavia Butler, but that's about all I can tell you. It's not that I don't know where the idea came from, it's just kind of hard to explain.

2002 - february 23  ]

I really do need to start keeping notes on the ideas behind the stories. I know that Air Traffic was started on the plane back from St John, but that's all I can tell you. It was actually originally going to be tied into waking life but that was an awkward pairing so it lingered until today.

2002 - february 19  ]

The bulk of wired was written last summer, with just a few tweaks over time.

I wish I could tell you more about the history behind the story, but my mind is drawing a complete blank. I think I'm going to have to start making notes about these kinds of things as I write. I think it makes the story a little more interesting when you know some of the inspiration for it.

2002 - february 18  ]

The first paragraph of Blind Faith actually started out as part of soundscapes before getting a life of its very own. And look, I even used one of my words: predilection (oh wait, that's from my other life).

The story just kind of grew from the first paragraph, winding its way along with a little help from me, almost writing itself. I tried a different narrative for this one, just to see what it was like. I think I like it in this context.

2002 - february 14  ]

A little something bouncing around in my head: tactile reflexes.

2002 - january 22  ]

Another oldie but goodie, all the way from last summer: Shadow Players.

This one was inspired partly by the first poem in the story, which I found written on the desk in my econ class, and partly by an odd bus ride at the end of the summer where a mystery note landed on the seat beside me, and ended up being passed back and forth through the seat for the rest of the ride. The name came from the idea that the two are always in the shadows, talking to each other without seeing one another.

2002 - january 17  ]

Another one of those things just lying around: stranded hasn't been touched since it was first written last March, so unfortunately I can't give you the lowdown on the idea behind it.

2002 - january 2  ]

I was driving down one of the more major streets in the city when I came across all these clothes lying on the road. An ordinary day in the 'burbs came out of that little surprise.

2002 - january 1  ]

The first story of 2002 already. And here I thought tonight wasn't going to be a productive writing night. Not a bad start to the year, if I do say so myself.

Big Easy was written in little chunks between September and tonight. I visited New Orleans when I was eighteen and I just loved the French Quarter, so it seemed like a good location to set the story in.

2001 - december 28  ]

Started in August, continued in November, finished tonight - strangely enough, it was a little wine that helped Intoxicating finally come to fruition.

Random thoughts brought about by a whiff of a male scent. Funny how the mind works like that.

2001 - november 16  ]

I seem to have this fascination with the way kids think - the first I guess was The Little Red Haired Girl (my first recorded story), followed by Innocence, Runny Babbit, Beautiful Things, and more recently Perfect Strangers, and Homemade Soup.

Now, I present fish tales for your reading pleasure. Childhood was so very fun. Sometimes I think I write about kids because I want to be one again. Or because I haven't really grown up yet?

2001 - november 10  ]

I got waking life in just under the wire for today. The title is stolen from a movie - it just seemed to fit so perfectly. The first paragraph was written on a plane on my vacation in mid-October. The rest was written tonight.

2001 - november 10  ]

I wrote collections one night and then promptly forgot about it. I guess today is becoming "clean out my stories day".

2001 - november 10  ]

soundscapes - random songs that stick in my head.

2001 - october 20  ]

Egads, I can't believe it's been so long since my last posting. So sorry.

The title for Vampy the Bunter Hunter comes from a friend who, not remembering the correct title, once used that phrase to refer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I thought it was funny, so I built a story around it.

2001 - august 11  ]

I'm a big believer in the idea that actions follow thoughts. If you think something bad will happen, it will. If you think you will succeed, you will.

Although the date given for What we think, we do is january 2001, this is actually another carry over from last year. It was started sometime last summer, but I could never find the right direction for it. Over time little pieces were written and I finally got the motivation to finish it last night. The title comes from the quotation at the end of the story.

2001 - august 10  ]

Some stories write themselves. Some do not. All work and no play did not.

2001 - august 10  ]

The name for the best I never had came from the Vertical Horizon song "Best I Ever Had". The actual content come from ... somewhere inside my head. You know how it is.

2001 - july 17  ]

The idea for Mr. Cab Driver came while I was in an airport limo on my way to the Caribbean. The thought just popped into my head. "I wonder how many stories cab drivers hear in the course of their day?" That was in August of 2000. Ideas for the story were jotted down whenever I thought of them, but were never actually written out until this week.

2001 - july 7  ]

I remember I started writing Smother on my trip to Arizona after spotting a woman in a restaurant. She was the physical inspiration for the mother. The rest pretty much wrote itself. And no, my mother is nothing like the mother in the story.

2001 - july 4  ]

A little bit of a goofy story, yes, but sometimes you just have to be like that: Ryan.

2001 - june 29  ]

I've been kicking around the idea for Smoke Signals in one form or another since sometime around last september. It comes from those conversations you aren't suppose to hear, and those secrets you aren't suppose to know. But you do.

2001 - june 13  ]

All I remember is that I started writing the thrill of the chase in my econ class of all places.

2001 - june 12  ]

Sometimes you just need to go beyond it all for things to start making sense.

2001 - june 2  ]

I know that everything started out with the conversation in the grocery store and grew from there. The rest is a little fuzzy - it was written (very) sporadically, starting sometime near the end of last year.

2001 - may 19  ]

Once bitten ... twice shy

2001 - may 06  ]

Sometimes, even though you know better, you put just a little too much trust in people and you get burned. But you learn.

2001 - may 01  ]

I don't even remember where I got the idea for Perfect Strangers. I guess it kind of came from the idealized version kids seem to have of the world. Everything is perfect.

2001 - april 16  ]

This was sitting, half written in my book, half written on the computer, for a month now. Seems the perfect time to post it: my love.

2001 - april 15  ]

I started and finished Homemade Soup in two days. My second shortest time yet I think. (The best being Tag, You're It which took only an afternoon.) My friend gave me one line and told me to write a story about it, so I did. I won't ruin it by telling you the line.

2001 - february 22  ]

Another story to satisfy your souls: St. Clair West. A story about an encounter on a subway, written on a bus while I was on my way to visit a friend.

2001 - january 16  ]

A new story - kind of. It's my version of an event that happened in December, for which my friend likes to place the blamed solely on me. The title - What Matty Wants - was inspired by the movie What Women Want.

2001 - january 09  ]

Started back in December just before finals, it's taken me almost a month to finish Hobgoblins. Which by my standards is actually pretty good.

The idea came from the fact that my bed at my mother's place is right against the heating intake vent, so every time the furnace started up, I was woken up.

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